Incredible Refi Opportunities

With rates so low, it really is an incredible time to refinance right now.  Many people are taking advantage of Conventional 30 year rates in the mid 4’s and 15 year rates in the high 3’s, but also consider the following three sizzling hot refinance alternatives:

  • 10 Year fixed-rate at only 3.625%.  For those deep into their mortgage or wanting to really shed some years off of the loan term, this presents an incredible opportunity.
  • 5 Year ARM at only 3.25%.  Rate is fixed for five years and then can change annually.  For this program, if you apply and lock by end of July, we are able to trim another .25% off of the rate.  A 3% rate that is fixed for five years is an amazing opportunity, especially considering the fact that the payment five years from now will be based on the lower mortgage balance at that time.  Thus, if you can pay balance down a good bit over next five years, your payment shouldn’t go up even if rates do.
  • FHA rates remain super low and about .125% lower than Conventional.  If you have an FHA loan now, you are eligible for a Streamline refinance at a reduced cost.  FHA is a great alternative for anyone with marginal credit and offers cash-out up to 85% of the value of the home.

I would love to help you with refinance info and please let me know how I can help you further.

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James A. Williamson is currently the Sr VP of Sales Development for Shelter Lending Services (formerly Fairfield Mortgage). James joined Shelter in 1994 and was the company's top Loan Officer in GA for 20 straight years helping over 2500 families finance their homes. James now oversees an incredible group of Loan Officers in Atlanta while further building Shelter's Atlanta business.

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