Make Sure You are Working with Best Appraisers

It would be a big understatement to say the the residential appraisal business has changed over the last few years.  Rules have been enacted to restrict communication between loan officers, customers, and appraisers.  Loan officers and realtors are, in fact, not even allowed to talk with appraisers directly about a property or its value any longer.  New reporting requirements, with updated codes and explanations, have gone into effect as well.  The goal of all of the changes has been to create appraisals that are more accurate and less influenced by the loan officers and realtors who rely on their conclusions to get a transactions closed. 

Although a noble goal, the new regulations have caused many a headache and do not always lead to the most accurate results.  So, what can a real estate professional do to alleviate appraisal problems?  The answer is to work with a lender that has a system in place the insures only the very best appraisers in each county are used on each and every transaction.  Working with such a lender will be critical to a realtor’s success in 2012. 

Can you really afford to have your customers working with national appraisal firms that look for the cheapest appraisers who are rarely local?  At Fairfield Mortgage, we have a very limited list of the best appraisers in each county who are local and know the given area.  They know the factors such as the neighborhoods, schools, surrounding communities, etc. that truly impact a valuation.  Quality people produce quality work and our approved appraisers are the best of the best and produce extremely accurate work.  They are also professional, courteous, and almost always turn around orders in a week.

Your next transaction does not have to die due to a bad appraisal.  There is a better way…

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James A. Williamson is currently the Sr VP of Sales Development for Shelter Lending Services (formerly Fairfield Mortgage). James joined Shelter in 1994 and was the company's top Loan Officer in GA for 20 straight years helping over 2500 families finance their homes. James now oversees an incredible group of Loan Officers in Atlanta while further building Shelter's Atlanta business.

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