Shelter Six:  Stronger Than Expected Jobs Reports Boost Optimism

Strong economic data released last week suggests an economic recovery is off to a much faster start than anticipated.

On Wednesday, the monthly ADP Payroll Report was expected to show a loss of 9M jobs, however, only 2.76M jobs were lost.

Then on Friday, the Employment Report came in substantially stronger than expected.  Projections were for 8M jobs to be lost, but 2.5M jobs were actually added!

Unemployment was projected to surge to 20% but actually fell from 14.7% to 13.3%.  Unemployment claims have now decreased for 9 straight weeks.

Shelter’s Jumbo loan program is back, but the Jumbo world has very strict requirements right now such as 20% down, 700 credit scores, and few exceptions.

The Jumbo Blend 2-loan “piggyback” alternative remains a great solution and requires only 10% down while allowing lower credit scores and more moderate guidelines.

Rate Update

Mortgage Rates bumped up a small amount last week after the series of strong economic reports were released but still remain near all-time lows.

This Week

The Federal Reserve meets again on Wednesday and is expected to continue with a posture of watchful waiting with no changes to short-term rates. CPI figures are also due out on Wednesday.

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