Real Estate Listing Tips

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In today’s challenging market, where inventory is high and good buyers are in demand, it is more critical than ever that your listings stand out.  To do so, they must be creative and exciting yet at the same time efficient, making the most of little space.  Even if you’ve been selling homes for decades, this is one area that you constantly need to be evaluating and looking for ways to improve.  Compliments of, here are four tips to consider:

Tip #1: Use bullet points to highlight key data.  A typical listing might contain several initial paragraphs requiring a reader to spend a few minutes reading to learn more about the house.  In a world of short attention spans, home buyers often don’t have the patience to read the entire listing and, as a result, they often miss key selling points.  Highlighting key facts with bullet points is a much more effective way to market your listing.  Think like David Letterman by being brief and concise and listing the five or six best aspects of the house in bullet point style.

Tip #2: Highlight the best rooms with photos.  If you write about a gourmet kitchen or fantastic spa shower in the master bathroom, make sure you include pictures of those rooms!  You would be surprised at how many listings don’t include photos of the rooms that will sell the home.  Be intentional about the photos you choose.  If they are out of focus or dark, retake them.  Read your listing and then review the photos to be sure they complement the story you are telling.  Pretend you are a buyer.  What would motivate you to tour the home?

Tip #3: Back up a flashy headline with truth.  We’ve all seen headlines like: “A backyard paradise” or “Convenient to everything.”   Bold and flashy catch attention, but when the prospective buyer arrives and sees a muddy yard with overgrown bushes or a home that’s right next to a gas station, the flashy headline can backfire.  Lofty expectations are not met and the potential home buyer usually won’t stay when you’ve promised something that stretches the truth.

Tip #4:  Proof and fact check before you publish.  Be sure to proofread your listings or have someone else with fresh eyes proof them for you.  Not only are you looking for misspellings and grammar problems, but it’s also time to fact check against your photos.  Does the picture show a 2-1/2-car garage and you list it as 3?  Does the listing boast of wood floors in every room, but there’s linoleum in the laundry room?  Catch inconsistencies before they make it into your ad!

Stealing Ideas from the World’s Most Innovative Companies

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Below is a list of three of the biggest corporate brand names in the world.  These companies have consistently excelled in the market place for different reasons.  Let’s dive in deeper today and look at what each of these companies does well and how you can use it as a lesson to improve your business.

Apple Computers:  fill a need your clients don’t realize they have.  The late Steve Jobs didn’t just develop cool products – he created needs that consumers didn’t even know they had!  Tiny music players?  Cell phones that doubled as mini computers?  No one was asking for these innovations, and yet, millions wouldn’t live without them now.  What can you offer your clients that would make their life easier even if they don’t realize it?  Is there something you can offer that simplifies the real estate process for the buyer or seller?

McDonalds:  be reliable and accessible.  A key to McDonald’s success is every location delivers good quality the same way every time.  You can be confident you’ll find a McDonalds nearby and that the food will be hot and tasty.  Are you easy to reach by phone, email, and text?  Do clients know when they ask for something, you will deliver on time, as promised?  Are you pleasant to deal with no matter how busy or frazzled you are?

Google:  tap customers for feedback.  When a new product is rolled out, technology companies, like Google, listen to the feedback they get from users.  Often, they introduce the new item to a pilot group first, solicit brutally honest opinions about what works and what doesn’t, and then apply those observations to the final product.  Are you asking clients what they need?  Are you bouncing ideas off of them?  Real estate professionals have an advantage over many other types of business people – your job is all about asking questions and learning what clients want.  Why not ask how you can serve them better?

Although these iconic companies have bigger budgets than you do, it’s not their financial resources that make them so successful.  Instead, it’s their attention to discovering customer needs and then delivering products that meet those needs better than their competition.  That is something that each of us can take to heart today and resolve to do the same!